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For account-specific information such as your ownership records, or to pay maintenance fees online, go to the administrative site and log in with your Owner ID and personal password. Call 305-664-8031 if you do not have a password or need help logging in.

Personal Owner Portal

General Owner Resources

For general owner information and materials such as newsletters, board meeting minutes, and generic documents, go to the Owner Pages and login with the site password. Call 305-664-8031 if you do not have a password or need help logging in.

Owner Resources

Board of Directors Meeting Update



To attend this meeting please send a request with name, unit and week number to cdwiggins@capitalvacations.com.


This is a  Special meeting of the Board of Directors. All other attendees will be placed on mute and video turned off. The board will call for Executive Session at which time all other members will be required to exit the meeting. The board will provide an estimated return to session time, owners attending will be placed in a virtual waiting room, until Executive Session is adjourned, and the board meeting resumed.


The board President will designate a time for question or comments on agenda items only. At such time, please type your question in the Chat Box and the question will be read out loud to the Board by the Host of the meeting.


Please do not share the information with anyone or post it on any social media. If another owner would like to attend, please have them contact the resort .


Thank you for your cooperation

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Updated information about how Coronavirus could affect your travel plans and Capital Vacations’ commitment to ensure guest and employee safety.

Topsider Resort is currently open.

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