Adventuring in the Florida Keys

When staying in Islamorada, there is a full host of activities to do to satiate one’s sense of adventure. Sure, the beaches are wonderful spreading out into the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, but don’t overlook all the other wonderful activities available for adventure on the Florida Keys!

 Snorkeling and Scuba

One of the most popular activities when visiting the Florida Keys has to be exploring everything underwater! Dive beneath the waters and explore a world that most people never even knew existed! Explore the vibrant colors of the Molasses Reef in Key Largo, guarded by a famous 10-foot-tall bronze statue of Christ of the Abyss. If you don’t want to get too deep into the waters then consider a snorkeling tour, perhaps at the Bahia Honda State Park. Snorkel in shallower waters while viewing all kinds of life living in the sea from schools of fish, to turtles, and colorful underwater plant life. If you want to experience a world apart from the terrestrial one we walk every day, give snorkeling and scuba a try!


Maybe you’re not as big a fan of swimming around underwater and you would like to explore from the surface instead. While staying at Topsider Resort, you have the ability to sign out a kayak for your own adventure around the island. If you want to explore the other islands, most have kayak rental companies available to make your adventure possible. One of the most popular destinations is the Geiger Key, just 15 minutes from downtown Key West. You can put in from Geiger or even Kayak from Key West to pass by beautifully twisted mangroves and see the shallow sea life swimming all around you!

Bike Tours

Another popular choice for exploring the island is to take a bike tour to explore all the local specialties. Topsider Resort offers up bikes to check-out, and there are also plenty of bike rental companies scattered throughout the keys. Ride around Islamorada to check out all the beautiful sights from the shoreline. One of the more famous bike tours of the area is the Key Lime Bike Tour, hitting some of the most popular sites in Key West such as Ernest Hemingway’s house, Mallory Square, the Key West Cemetery, and Key West’s historic seaport. At the end of the tour tuck into a slice of the famous and mouthwatering Key Lime Pie!

Water Sports

Back to the water, there are plenty of more activities to get your blood pumping! Go out and rent a jet ski to explore the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico and explore the shallow water sea life as well. Be the captain of your Jet Ski adventure or book a tour with one of the many outfits located across the Florida Keys. If you’re looking for a water sport to get your adrenaline going even more, then consider going parasailing. Parasailing is the perfect opportunity to experience unforgettable views of the Key West Coastline, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Popular views from up on high are Smathers Beach and the famous Key West Bight!

The Florida Keys have tons of great activities to make your vacation special. Don’t be afraid to get out there and try any of the things offered, we guarantee you’ll have a blast!